Games Projects

We have designed games projects that can be printed at home on an A4 printer & stuck to card that is readily available around the home, such as cereal packaging! These are perfect for any age and a great way to spend time whilst at home! Instructions and game pieces will be provided via a PDF sent via email. These games are in black and white which then means you can use all your creativity to colour them as you wish, with pens, paints, coloured pencils or even stickers!
All we ask is for a £1 donation, all of which will go to NHS Charities Together. Please see the link below each project to download the games pieces and the instructions.

All we ask is for a £1 donation to NHS Charities Together – you can access this via the ‘JustGiving’ or ‘PayPal’ links below. If you do not want to donate, feel free to download and enjoy these projects anyway and spread the joy!

Game -01.

Game – 03.
Rainbow Checkers

Game – 05.
Rainbow Gammon

Game – 02.
Rainbow Dominoes

Game – 04.
Set of Playing Card

If you would like to donate to our cause anyway, please click on the link below!

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