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About Us!

This is an overview of how ISO-Models came about. The name is derived from the word ‘Isometric’.
Having found myself with no work due to the unstable circumstances we all found ourselves at the beginning of March 2020, I was actually pruning our hedge on the 18th March 2020, wondering how I was going to fill my free time during this uncertain period.
I began thinking of the skill sets I had and the things that generally kept me occupied during normal times.

Having spent my whole 42 year career as an Architectural Technician (the past 15 years running my own company – ECS Ltd) and always since a boy enjoyed making models – very recently exploring the 3D printing world.
I thought back to how I got into my career and the thing that sparked my love for it and of modelling.
I remember at primary school (Rivermill, Harlow, Essex) that one term we made a cardboard model of Rome – I was about 7 years old – cutting out pre printed templates for buildings and sticking them to cardboard boxes which we then coloured to make the model of the city.

I then realised that this must be the thing that led to my lifelong career choice and love for modelling – and why not revert back to a way of engaging adults and children using easily available resources, given we are in lockdown and cannot easily access the usual items to do these projects.
I could use my skills at drawing templates, plus I developed a method of joining the corners of projects utilising the corners of box packaging, which could be set up to print as PDF files on an A4 printer in black and white.

My first attempt at creating a project was ‘Vandyke Terrace’ which is based on my eldest daughters soon to be house – which she is in the process of buying with her husband. Myself and my 85 year old Father-in-Law undertook to make this ‘kit’ which worked very well and has led to me developing the others – with the ‘starter project’ of ‘The garage and shed’ which gives you all the skills to undertake any of our other projects.

At the same time, my wife, who alongside my youngest daughter works for the NHS, was crocheting a rainbow mobile, which once completed inspired me to make the cardboard version. The worked so well that it has led to us evolving the Football Club variations alongside the various NHS versions – and many other themes can be accommodated.
We also realised we could create the ‘Masks’ and ‘Artworks’ that could be downloaded – these are artworks by my son.

The pictures on this page are of my various cardboard scratch built buildings at both 00 gauge and N gauge which has led me to this point and show what can be achieved with minimal materials and a bit of patience!

At present we are very busy designing, creating and uploading many more ideas so keep watching this space for new arrivals!
Enough from me for now – thanks for reading this – if you need any more information please email

Les Kingham – ISO-Models – 17th April 2020

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